Welcome to SNMP Laboratories

At SNMP Labs, we are aiming at building high-quality, free and open source tools primarily in the area of network management and monitoring.

Our projects

Our expertise and interests somehow revolve around SNMP. We mostly code our stuff in Python. You will notice that momentarily!

  • SNMP Agent Simulator

    The SNMP Agent Simulator tool pretends to be a large network of SNMP-speaking devices. It aims at helping fellow developers and QE people to model the environment their products will work in once released out to the world.

  • SNMP Proxy Forwarder

    The alternative acronym for SNMP is Security? Not My Problem! The SNMP Proxy Forwarder tool tries to improve the security and usability of the SNMP technology in many ways.

    For example it can shield your totally insecure SNMPv1 device from the hostile network by putting this proxy tool in front of it and only expose cryptographically sound SNMPv3 to the world.

  • SNMP Command Responder

    The SNMP Command Responder tool is a general purpose, cross-platform, extendable and multi-protocol SNMP agent implementation.

    Users can generate Python code stubs from the ASN.1 MIB files, then populate these stubs with the code linking MIBs to the actual data sources to be managed.

  • Command-line SNMP tools

    The collection of command-line SNMP tools written in pure-Python and tightly aligned with the de-facto standard SNMP tools that come with Net-SNMP e.g. snmpget, snmpwalk and many others.

  • SNMP library for Python

    The pysnmp project delivers the fully-functional SNMP engine implementation in pure-Python. It support reasonably advanced features such as SNMPv3 and IPv6, can deal with MIB files and it is fully asynchronous internally.

  • SNMP SMI compiler

    With SNMP, the things you can tackle are formally expressed in the SMI language. The SMI compiler can parse those MIB files into Python code or JSON documents for further consumption by pysnmp or other automation tools.

  • ASN.1 types and codecs

    ASN.1 is essentially a data serialisation technology on steroids. Many Internet, security and telecom protocols let alone data formats rely on ASN.1.

    The pyasn1 library deals with ASN.1 data structures in pure Python.

Source code

Projects source code is hosted on GitHub. Everyone is welcome to fork, PR or open issues!


In essence, everyone is welcome to take, use or modify SNMP Labs software for whatever purpose for as long as attribution is retained.