Revision 0.0.2, released XX-01-2020

  • Added SNMP simulator processes runtime metrics collection by the supervisor process. Gathered information is stored in the DB and served via newly introduced REST API endpoints.

Revision 0.0.1, released 14-01-2020

  • Added PUT /snmpsim/mgmt/v1/recordings/<recording> endpoint which (unlike POST) will create new or override existing recording.
  • When creating new recordings, also create all directories leading to the recording being created. When recording is deleted, try to also remove its directory if it’s empty.
  • Fixed WSGI servers default config initialization.
  • When failing to create/override a recording, return HTTP code 490 instead of 404.
  • Added example systemd unit files for all control panel components.
  • Renamed REST API specs into snmpsimd-mgmt and snmpsim-metrics on Swagger and moved spec files into specs folder.
  • Removed SQL cascading from all management API models. That makes SNMP simulator entities less dependent from each other when deleting some of them what facilitates their reuse.
  • Added a new feature of tagging to Management API. Every Management API object can be tagged with zero or more tags. The REST API client can then obtain all tagged objects at once searching by tag.

Revision 0.0.0, released 01-01-2020

Initial revision